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How is it possible to check all solution projects?

In case of "bulk" analyse R# exposes the list of incidents in the separate windows.


How to change rule severity in the ReSharper?

1 approach:

Open ReSharper | Option dialog and select Code Inspection | Inspection Severity
Click on the reSP title
Click on the colored box with curent severity level.

2 approach:


How can I read more about highlighting?

Open context menu, select [Inspection "name of issue"] and select "Why is reSP suggestion this?". The help page will be opened immediatelly in the browser.


You can read more about ReSharper code inspection here.

How can I do something more with ReSharper?

Read this article to know about live templates.

Where I can find the quick access key map in for ReSharper?

Check out this guide PDF.

How can I enable/disable ReSharper code analysis for specific files?

- Ctrl-8 for the current file, for the current session. - Ctrl-Alt-8 for disabling Resharper code analysis.

List of excluded libraries

You can configure lists of ignored files using regular expression or wildcards in the ReSharper | Options dialog. settings.png

Last updated: 1/28/2016
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