Back Avoid system list names for list instance



Avoid system list names for the custom list instances.


Do not use out of the box list names.

_catalogs/wp Web Part Gallery
_catalogs/MaintenanceLogs Maintenance Log Library
_private/ExtSubs External Subscriptions Store
_private/PhonePNSubscriptions Push Notification Subscription Store
AdminReports Administrative Report Library
AgaveCatalog Apps for Office
AppCatalog Apps for SharePoint
AppRequests App Requests
Customers Customers
Data Connections Data Connections
DeviceChannels Device Channels
Documents Documents
DropOffLibrary Drop Off Library
Followed Content Followed Content
FormServerTemplates Form Templates
IWConvertedForms Converted Forms
Licenses Licenses
Lists/AbuseReports Reports List
Lists/Acquisition History Acquisition History
Lists/Announcements Announcements
Lists/AppPackages App Packages
Lists/Calendar Calendar
Lists/Calendar Group Calendar
Lists/Categories Categories
Lists/Circulation Circulations
Lists/Comments Comments
Lists/Community Discussion Discussions List
Lists/Community Memberships Community Memberships
Lists/CustodiansListUrl Custodians
Lists/DiscoverySets eDiscovery Sets
Lists/DraftApps Apps in Testing
Lists/EduUserDataList EduUserDataList
Lists/Entities Entities
Lists/Exports Exports
Lists/External Sync Settings External Sync Settings
Lists/Facilities and Shared Assets Resources
Lists/GettingStarted Get started with Apps for Office and SharePoint
Lists/Members Community Members
Lists/MonitoredApps Monitored Apps
Lists/msysaso MSysASO
Lists/PerformancePoint Content PerformancePoint Content
Lists/Phone Call Memo Phone Call Memo
Lists/Posts Posts
Lists/PublishedFeed MicroFeed
Lists/Queries Queries
Lists/Recordings Recordings
Lists/SearchConfig Search Config List
Lists/SourceInstances Source Instances
Lists/Sources Sources
Lists/User Settings User Settings
Lists/usysapplog USysApplicationLog
Lists/Whereabouts Whereabouts
Lists/WorkItems WorkItems
Materials Materials
Organization Logos Organization Logos
RoutingRules Content Organizer Rules
SitePages Site Pages
User Photos User Photos


Last updated: 1/17/2016
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