About us

About SubPoint Solutions

Hundreds of companies trust SubPoint Solutions to boost up they daily SharePoint related routines. We are on a mission - help SharePoint professional and consultancy companies be efficient. We drive tooling, products and services to cut the cost and make the development on SharePoint platform less complex.

Services and Support

Being partly open-source or free, our tooling brings great improvements into daily SharePoint related work.

Professional services help customers to get the best value from the tooling and product, support production and mission critical applications offering in-depth, first-hand experience. We help to boost the application development on .NET and SharePoint platform maximizing the value from the time and effort invested.

Long-term vision

Starting small, we have ambitions to fill a huge gap - help SharePoint professionals and companies be efficient. That splits into developer's tooling, apps for IT professionals and, finally, ready-to-go apps for businesses. Step by step we build the foundation and moving forward to the next goal - either the app or the service that adds up to the current ecosystem.

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